Borderline v1.0

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A SNES adventure game across two worlds. Every 30 seconds you are dragged between 2 different realities, with the world around you resetting each time. In both you face mortal peril and a mystery. You must solve the mystery of each realm and find a hidden potential within yourself to break free.

Here is some information about the game:


  • The game is a short adventure game where the player has to solve a mystery across two worlds.
  • The player is dragged between two different realities every 30 seconds, with the world around them resetting each time.
  • In both realities, the player faces mortal peril and has to find clues and items to progress.


  • The game is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game with pixel art graphics and atmospheric music.
  • The player can control the character with a gamepad or a keyboard, and interact with objects and characters by pressing a button.
  • The player can also use items by pressing another button, and access an inventory by pressing the select button.
  • The game has two realities: one is a dark and dystopian city, and the other is a bright and colorful forest.
  • The game has various puzzles, enemies and secrets to discover.


  • The game was created by Locked Door Puzzle (game design and programming) for the SNESDEV Game Jam 2023.
  • The SNESDEV Game Jam 2023 was a contest to create a new game for the Super Nintendo using original assets and following certain rules and themes.
  • The game was made using Famicom Macro Assembler, Visual Studio Code, snippers.mod sound driver, private code base from a previous project and various free sound effects.
  • The game was tested on various SNES models and emulators.


  • The game is available as a free download on this page and you can also play it online by clicking above on Start Game.
  • The game can be played on any SNES emulator or flashcart on a computer or real hardware.