Dottie dreads nought

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Dottie dreads nought is a platforming game created for the Super Nintendo console that was released in 2021.

Can you help Dottie on her hiking adventure to find the legendary Edelweiß flower?

Along for the ride is her friend Ernesto. By using the magic mirror, you can shift perspective to him and reveal secrets previously hidden.

Here is some information about the game:


  • The game follows the adventure of Dottie, a young witch who wants to find a legendary flower called Edelweiß.
  • She is accompanied by her owl friend Ernesto, who can help her discover hidden secrets by using a magic mirror.
  • The game has four stages: forest, mountain, volcano, and sky.


  • The game is a 2D platformer with pixel art graphics and retro music.
  • The player can control Dottie or Ernesto by pressing the select button to switch between them.
  • Dottie can jump, duck, and use her wand to shoot magic projectiles.
  • Ernesto can fly, dash, and reveal invisible platforms or items by using the magic mirror.
  • The game has various enemies, obstacles, and puzzles to overcome.


  • The game was created by Goldlocke (game design and programming) and Ninomiya Yuji music for the SNESDEV Game Jam 2021.
  • The game jam was a contest to create a new game for the Super Nintendo using original assets and following certain rules and themes.
  • The game was made using WLA-DX assembler, Visual Studio Code, C700 sound driver, GIMP, Blender, and Tiled.
  • The game was tested on various SNES models and emulators.


  • The game is available as a free download on this page and you can also play it online by clicking above on Start Game.
  • The game can be played on any SNES emulator or flashcart on a computer or real hardware.